Recovery Coach

A recovery coach is a trained professional who assists you at the beginning and throughout your recovery process in staying sober and remaining accountable. They provide a strength-based plan specific for each client and provide support throughout the way. A professional recovery coach helps with motivation and assistance throughout your recovery journey. 


There are different types of recovery coaching to suit your personal situation and needs. Most importantly, you should feel comfortable with your recovery coach and feel free to contact this person any time you are in doubt or are at a crossroads. 


What is a Recovery Coach?


A recovery coach provides support for people in active addiction and in recovery from drugs or alcohol. Also known as a sober coach, a recovery coach can help with codependency issues or other addictive behaviors, such as gambling.


They help clients in finding ways to overcome their addiction and live an abstinence life and reduce the harm associated with their addictive behaviors.


What Does a Recovery Coach Do (vs a Sponsor)?

A sponsor is a fellow addict who takes you through the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. A sponsor shares their experience, strength, and hope based on what worked for them. A professional recovery coach is trained and certified in providing an individualized recovery model based on the client. A good recovery coach is also dedicated in continuing their education and training each year after obtaining their certification.


A recovery coach, or addictions coach, provides their client with motivation and a specific future based plan. Then, together with the client, they work together day-by-day towards this goal. A professional recovery coach will be with you every step of the way to provide support and make adjustments to the plan as needed. A recovery coach focuses on the client’s strengths to break barriers to sobriety. 


A recovery coach can help with various things such as dealing with triggers, certain situations, feelings, or even people. They help build healthy habits to replace old destructive ones. 


3 Types of Recovery Coaches

The 3 types of recovery coaching include:


Sober Escort


A sober escort is a short term recovery coach who is alongside the client during high-risk situations most often used when traveling to drug treatment or court. A sober escort gives support to a client while they are going through a high-risk relapse time. Most of the time the client is still in the grips of addiction and the sober escort is tasked with getting them from point A to point B. Sometimes clients are escorted to court, during parole or probation visits, or to their halfway house.


At Recovery Inc, we even take cross country trips with our clients for detox, residential treatment, transfers from one treatment center to a new one, returning home from treatment and for any other short term recovery coaching needs. The goal is for you to feel safe and supported in the first stages of your recovery.

Sober companion


Once returning from inpatient drug treatment the client goes from the safety and security of the facility back out into the “real world”, which is filled with triggering situations. A sober companion can introduce you to Twelve Step meetings and help you build a network. Your sober companion can help you find the right sponsor who will work the 12 steps with you. 

  • A live-in sober companion is a recovery coach that generally stays with the client 24/7. This is usually during the period after a clinical detox or when a client is going through a major life event such as a wedding, divorce, or court case.

  • A part-time sober companion meets up with the client for part of the day or a few days a week. This is a great tool for people who might need help being held accountable. It's also useful to help clients get out and realize they can have fun in sobriety and build their sober support group.


Virtual Recovery Coach


Your recovery coach doesn’t even have to live in the same city or be near you. You can contact your virtual recovery coach by phone call or FaceTime. These meetings are usually set times of the day coupled with 24/7 support- only one call away. Whether its 5 PM and you just got off work and need someone to talk to or its 5 AM and you just woke up and your mind is racing. You can feel comfortable contacting your recovery coach at any time.  Virtual recovery coaching services can be combined with those of a sober companion. They are there to help meet and stay in the guidelines of the recovery plan. 


How Do I Find a Recovery Coach?


To find a recovery coach you can ask your inpatient treatment center for a recommendation. You also want to make sure your recovery coach is certified. You want someone professional who can keep calm in a hectic situation. Some believe being in recovery makes for a good recovery coach. You want this person to be sober. Most importantly, you want someone you feel comfortable with that you can trust. You should be able to share personal details with this person and believe that they have your best interests in mind and maintain client-patient confidentiality. 


Our experienced and caring recovery coaches at Recovery Inc have multiple years in recovery and serving the community. We are experts in dealing with a range of cases. Whether they be of high profile clients or regular people we always remain professional and maintain confidentiality. 


How Much Does a Sober Coach Cost?


The cost of a recovery coach depends on several factors. These include the type of recovery coaching you need and the period of time you want to hire this person. 


However, if you have limited resources, feel free to contact us and we will work with you. In some cases, this service may even be free to you.