Public Speaking


From prison to self-made entrepreneur, Sam Risso offers an honest, humorous, and at times unorthodox message to his community. He speaks on various personal topics regarding addiction, homelessness, coping with learning disabilities, gang lifestyle, and prison. He is dedicated to bringing awareness about the effects of addiction on the addict and the family. His public speaking also covers preventative measures families can take to protect their loved ones.


High Schools

The team of Recovery Inc. substance abuse motivational speakers brings drug awareness and prevention to high school students. Sam speaks openly about bullying, violence, depression, suicide, and drug use in a language that speaks to the youth. He speaks from personal experience of growing up around domestic violence and the feelings of fear and loneliness young adults experience that no one else talks about.


He reflects on his personal transformation and what led him to where he is now. Sam shares how one mistake changed his life forever and sent him to prison. He explains what he learned from his choices and how hard he’s had to work to get on the right path. 


His honesty and engaging personality have inspired young adults to reach out and share their own experiences and feelings.


For the parents of high school students, Sam and his team of substance abuse prevention speakers bring awareness of drug prevention to stop the problem before it arises. He educates parents on what warning signs to look for in early addiction. 


He educates parents on the causes, signs, symptoms, and treatment of addiction. He gives parents of addicts hope from his personal life. 


At the end of his message, he offers time for a Q & A for parents to ask any questions they may have about how to keep their kids safe. 


He offers contacts for high schools in which he will bring different members of his team to share their stories with students. 



College is the perfect breeding ground for drug and alcohol abuse. College students are twice as likely to abuse drugs or alcohol because it is so readily available and part of the college culture. They experience a lot of pressure to do well and fit in and often look for ways to relieve stress. 


Recovery Inc. speakers help college students assess if their own drinking and drug use are becoming problematic. College students will learn the difference between normal drinking and binge drinking, the consequences of mixing drugs and alcohol, and how different drugs can impact the mind and body in the long term. 


Through his own experience, he shares where his own addiction took him and the psychological and health signs to look for. 


Professional Setting


Recovery Inc substance abuse motivational speakers can work closely with your HR department to help employees in need. Have a substance abuse professional on your side in times of crisis. 


As a self-made entrepreneur in various industries, Sam can relate to any professional setting- blue collar or white collar. He knows what it takes to succeed, how to have a positive mental attitude in the workplace, and the importance of staying sober to be successful. 


Recovery Inc speakers can provide workshops on topics such as addiction, prevention, and recovery at your place of work. 



Sam talks about his experiences in and out of prison. He discusses his experience of culture shock after spending multiple years incarcerated. He talks about his struggles with addiction and his opiate habit while incarcerated. He speaks about turning his life around from prison to a self-made entrepreneur. 


He discusses how mindset dictates our reality and the importance of your mindset when you get out. He explains his change in mindset after he realized he doesn’t have to go back. He talks about loss and the resilience it takes to build your life back after hard times. 


Sam talks about the importance of working on yourself at all times, no matter the situation put in front of you. 

Why Us?

Sam Risso is able to relate with any group of people, whether it is the addict who is still struggling, the criminal who lost their way, or the mother who feels helpless over her child’s addiction. He is able to connect with youth and adults and share on relatable topics for any group. 


Recovery Inc speakers will cater to the message that best fits the needs of your audience.