When My Dad Fell Through the Moon

by Samuel Risso Rossetti 

This tool to teach children about addiction is a story of a young girl named Taylor who just got a big part in her school play. When she asks her dad for help in making the props for the play she notices him acting strange and erratic. She thinks she did something to upset her dad and that he’s not interested in her or her play.


This is where her mom sits down with her and explains to Taylor that her dad has a disease and it’s called addiction. She lovingly explains that her dad still loves her and it’s not her fault, but he needs to go to treatment to get help. 


This book helps parents explain to their children what is happening with their loved ones who are addicted to drugs or alcohol and that it is not their fault.

Back Cover

This heartfelt storybook serves as an educational tool to guide elementary grade students to understand the basics of addiction. This children’s book about addiction provides simple dialogues and scenarios where children can relate through its rich and vibrant illustrations. More importantly, the message of the book helps children understand that addiction is not their fault, and addiction is a disease like any other sickness, which requires treatment and support.

Taylor, a bright and talented 4th grade student has a dream of playing the lead in her school’s annual fall musical. The school seeks the help of parent volunteers throughout the school year. Taylor soon asks her parents to help. As the weeks pass, Taylor starts feeling left out when her dad arrives late and fails to show up for the parent volunteer days. Thus, these events make Taylor feel like it is somehow her fault.
One of her rehearsal and parent volunteer days takes a downward spiral when her dad falls on a stage prop. Soon, her mom steps in to help Taylor understand that her dad has an addiction problem. She helps Taylor understand her dad’s sickness by explaining addiction through engaging, compassionate, and supportive dialogues.

About the Author:

Samuel Risso Rossetti had dedicated his life to helping addicts and their families deal with the devastating effects of addiction. He is a recovering addict himself, with multiple years sober, and knows the effects of addiction on the addict and on everyone that loves them. He founded Recovery Inc. to provide addicts and their families a resource for help.

After his godson came to visit him in Florida over Christmas break he became inspired to write a children’s book for kids who have grown up around addiction. He saw an issue with the existing children’s books dealing with addiction. The other children’s books to help understand addiction that are out there for children that just told kids “don’t do drugs”. He wanted to explain to children, in a way that they would understand, what is happening with a parent or loved one who is addicted to drugs and that it is not their fault.

Book Reviews

“When you have trouble articulating the nightmares of addiction this book is an extreme help.  The illustration and verbiage used in the story should be a great help to anyone explaining addiction to a young child. Highly recommend, great work!!!”

  • June


“It is often hard to explain the struggles of addiction to a child, however with this book as a tool to deliver the message, there should be no problem.”

  • Joshua


“There’s no other book like this in this genre. It gives the perfect amount of information through a beautiful dialogue with a mom and a daughter. It takes a lot of the awkwardness out of the conversation when speaking to your little ones and helps you answer their questions better.”

  • Elizabeth


“Provides a simple explanation in a great story.”

  • Rebecca