Recovery Inc is a community organization founded by Sam Risso in 2017 to help educate and provide support to addicts/alcoholics in and out of recovery along with their families. We do this with our team of interventionists, recovery peer specialists, recovery coaches, book publications, and treatment recommendations.

Our peer specialists have lived through addiction and made it out the other side. We use our experience to work one on one with addicts to help them achieve sobriety. We help our peers and fellow addicts gain hope in the possibility of achieving a new life in sobriety.

We provide in-person, FaceTime, or Skype consultation about how to help your loved ones who are addicted to drugs. We help educate you on how to not enable addicts currently in addiction, while still providing the help and support they need to get better.

Sam personally advocates for recovery by speaking to addicts, alcoholics, parents, family, and children about his road from addiction to recovery. He truly believes if he can get sober after 10 years of heroin addiction, so can anyone! He speaks publicly about harm reduction methods providing families with Narcan training and treatment options.

Sam "Risso" Rossetti
Founder and CEO