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Recovery Inc is a community organization founded by Sam Risso to help educate and provide support to addicts/alcoholics in and out of recovery along with their families. We do this with our team of interventionists, recovery peer specialists, recovery coaches, book publications, and treatment recommendations.

Our peer specialists have lived through addiction and made it out the other side. We use our experience to work one on one with addicts to help them achieve sobriety. We help our peers and fellow addicts gain hope in the possibility of achieving a new life in sobriety.

We provide in-person, FaceTime, or Skype consultation about how to help your loved ones who are addicted to drugs. We help educate you on how to not enable addicts currently in addiction, while still providing the help and support they need to get better.

Sam personally advocates for recovery by speaking to addicts, alcoholics, parents, family, and children about his road from addiction to recovery. He truly believes if he can get sober after 10 years of heroin addiction, so can anyone! He speaks publicly about harm reduction methods providing families with Narcan training and treatment options.



Sam is a licensed professional interventionist who specializes in substance abuse and mental health treatment. His personal experience in heroin addiction makes him the best interventionist to help you and your family plan a conversation about treatment.

When My Dad Fell Through The Moon


This heartfelt storybook serves as an educational tool to guide elementary grade students to understand the basics of addiction. This children’s book about addiction provides simple dialogues and scenarios where children can relate through its rich and vibrant illustrations.

Treatment Recommendations

Recovery Inc provides recovery services and behavioral health services. We do not use a cookie-cutter method to find you treatment options. We create an individualized treatment plan to fit each addict’s needs. Whether you need detox or aftercare, we will find the right place for you.

Public Speaking


Recovery Inc founder Sam Risso speaks on drug prevention, harm reduction, and his personal experience to provide hope to others. He understands the guilt, shame, and fear that go hand and hand with addiction. He also knows the courage it takes to overcome addiction. He shows addicts it is possible to achieve sobriety and that there is another way.

Recovery Coaching 

Our certified recovery coaches provide strength-based support to addicts in active addiction and in recovery. We work in NY, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. However, finding a recovery coach doesn’t mean you have to live in the same city. We can provide recovery coaching services through the phone, video chat, or a sobriety coach can fly out to you.



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